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Bug Eye Sunglasses


Big Black Bug Eye Sunglasses – We love ’em!

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Barbarian – Black Friday edition


Be the Barbarian!

Unisex T-Shirts, printed on a heavyweight organic cotton hoodie.

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Fungilist Movement


Hand printed on black organic and fair trade cotton. Free delivery if you live in Brighton.

If you can’t find your size, get in touch, we can probably print it.

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Women’s fit and unisex available.

Printed on 100% organic cotton.

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Black Friday Special, Cash is King, 0% OFF.

All sizes available on 100% organic cotton.

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I am more than Kenough


Hurray hurray! Black Friday special 0% OFF! All colours and sizes available…so long as you like black.

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Retrobate – Black


Limited edition Retrobate black tee, ideal for old feckers. Handprinted on fair trade 100% organic cotton.

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